Our Top 5 Female Adventure Books 2018

From running across countries to taking on world firsts, women are pushing the boundaries of adventure and creating incredible stories along the way. If you're looking for something to make you want to get out there yourself, overcome a few fears and have a hell of an adventure, our Top 5 Female Adventure Books are a great place to start. 



Alone in Antarctica by Felicity Aston

At the bottom of the world no one can hear you scream, or cry. When it comes to the crunch, if you get into trouble you are the only person who can get yourself out of it, help will not reach you in time. Now that's a scary thought that can play havoc with your mind, but Felicity shows that simply focusing on getting out of your tent each morning can ensure it doesn't overwhelm you and stop you in your tracks. Getting into a routine and simply putting one foot in front of the other - these are the things that will help you ski from one side of Antarctica to the other.

Take Away: No matter what other people say, only you can decide where your limits are.


Revolutionary Ride by Lois Pryce

When a stranger puts a note on your motorbike in central London asking you to visit their country, how could you say no? Taking up their offer, Lois began a journey across Iran to discover the truth behind the media headlines and found, on the most part, a hugely welcoming and warm nation highlighting that we shouldn't judge people by the actions of their government.

Take Away: New friends are waiting for you to go and find them.




Pants of Perspective.jpg

The Pants of Perspective by Anna McNuff

Sometimes you just want to sit there and cry.  When you've run hundreds of miles with a 15kg back pack, waded through rivers, some often dangerously deep, and pushed on when the way forward is shrouded in fog, that moment when everything seems to come crashing down can be overwhelming. Laying on a mountain side miles from help looking at your ankle that's doubled in size, there's only one thing for it.  Reaching for her pants of perspective Anna recovered her nerve, and with a robot fighting a unicorn under a rainbow across her bum, she pushed on completing a fun filled tale of running the length of New Zealand.

Take Away: No one knows what they're doing, so just start and you'll figure it out along the way!


Just a little run around the world by Rosie Swale Pope

An incredible story of determination that started with the terrible loss of her husband.  Rosie ran 20,000 miles solo around the world, raising money in memory of the man she loved.  Facing -65 degrees C, wolves, weird men and even having to cope without any source of heat when her stove broke during some of the coldest weather, Rosie's style of writing will keep you turning the pages, awestruck by what she's achieved and inspired to put on your running shoes.

Take away: Everything in life is about perspective - you might not have 53 pairs of shoes, but you probably have 1. So go put them on and see how far you can get.


Wild by Cheryl Strayed

More detailed than the well-known film, the book kicks off with a heart breaking account of how the loss of Cheryl's mum lead to her decision to start hiking the PCT across America and the self destructive spiral that ensued before she set off.  It's clear though, that the wild is not as scary as it may first appear, and is actually a sanctuary from modern life that heals us in so many ways. Adventure doesn't need to be big, bold and record breaking, just picking a well tramped trail and creating your own story amongst the intersection of other peoples journeys can have a huge impact on the way we see ourselves, our lives and those around us.

Take Away: An adventure isn't about doing something no one has done before, it's about doing something you've not done before.


In all areas of adventure you'll find strong, resourceful and determined women who push the boundaries of what's possible and create inspiring and relatable stories along the way. It's true though, that not enough women are sharing their stories in books. At Adventure Book Club we often struggle to keep our monthly read options gender equal over the course of a year and the only way to change this is to encourage more women to share their stories about adventure - big or small we want to read about your journey, we want to understand what drives you, what you struggle with and what keeps you coming back for more. Your story is unique and we want to hear it.

And where this journey starts is with sharing the wonderful reads that are out there already. Some incredible women have shared their story, and boy are they inspiring.

In addition to our 5 picks above, we've collated our top 25 adventure books by female authors.. go on, have a look.

Fiona Quinn