Mind of A Survivor by Megan Hine - cake recipe

This past month we’ve been reading Megan’s book, Mind of a Survivor, looking at the different traits that can help you survive in the wild as well as the office. In it she details these transferable elements of adventure and gets behind what it really takes to survive when you're up against it. Covering topics you'd expect like resilience and dealing with fear, she also delves into what qualities really make you able to get out of a situation alive, or equally thrive at work.

For me, the approach that stood out most was curiosity and creativity. At work, as much as in the wilderness, being open and curious about how things work and the environment around us can lead to some interesting insights and opportunities. Perhaps you might even notice new revenue streams or a way to streamline processes, simply because you've looked at something from a new perspective.

Equally being able to get creative gives you the freedom to try new things that may or may not work. For SUP Britain I had to try various sources of financing the trip. Some worked, and while others didn't, they've now set me up with possible funding options for future expeditions. If I'd been reluctant to get creative with funding, the trip wouldn't have been possible and I wouldn't have the range of options I now have for the future.

As Megan explains, you can train your brain to be creative. She describes a game she likes to play on boring trips or a commute, "What have you got in your pockets right now you could use for survival?". There are no wrong answers and it challenges you to think differently.

"Did you know, for example," she explains, "condoms have loads of potential not related to their intended purpose: you can carry water in them, use them to keep small items dry, as a rubber glove if you're dealing with blood or body fluids, as a tourniquet or a sling shot. They're also super-flammable and can be used to light a fire in the wet."

While being on my own adventures certainly develops these traits, I find there's a lot to learn and a lot of inspiration to be gathered from reading about other peoples experiences too. Megan's book was our October read for Adventure Book Club and our members loved the dip in and out, guide like style of the book. A perfect easy read for considering what skills might help you survive and thrive in all areas of life.

For our Book Club meet up this month I decided to add a little cake into the mix, baking with the theme of the book in mind... it's probably the most unappetizing cake I've ever made though!

Here’s the recipe and a link to the decoration video that I took inspiration from is here.

Brain Cake_edited-2.jpg
Fiona Quinn